Trees on the Land

Ardeo have been lucky to have “Trees on the Land” assisting in the development of our new site to provide the horses with natural shelter and windbreak from the weather as well as enhancing the scenery with native trees. We have had quite a number of trees planted over the past winter months.

4,500 plants in the ground planted:
-2,300 whitethorn/hawthorn
-600 Blackthorn
-600 Hazel
-300 Beech
-170 Sessile Oak
-50 Crab apple
-170 Lime
-220 Holly
Plus fewer numbers of birch, alder and rowan.

It will be exciting to see what they will look like over the next few years as they grow up through the grass and alongside the new fencing, which is looking very smart. A further 6000 trees will be planted in due course

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