MonoShield Equine: Transforming Equine Health and Performance

Addressing the often-overlooked issue of stressors is crucial for ensuring the well-being and optimal performance of our horses. Here at Ardeo, we like to keep up to date with any emerging products.

Recently, we were introduced to Monoshield Equine a revolutionary product, by our Equine Physical Sports Therapist Rachael Rothwell. Rachael shared valuable insights into the product’s transformative impact on horses. This product was developed through meticulous research and tested on racehorses and has now proven a real game-changer for us.

Nowadays, there is a strong prevalence of stress-induced GI problems in horses, particularly when introduced to new environments, unfamiliar companions, and changes in caretakers. We were routinely gastro-scoping horses and treating them with Omeprazole but since introducing MonoShield to our horses diet we have now stopped and no longer feel the need to do this, having made the decision to start all new horses on MonoShield Equine as soon as they come in to Ardeo Sport Horses.

Here at Ardeo we have tested this product on many of our horses, especially those experiencing tension or digestive irregularities. They went on to exhibited significant improvements with Monoshield Equine. Not only does the product contribute to a happier horse, but in our experience it also enhances rideability and overall performance both in training and competition.

In one notable case at Ardeo, a horse treated with Monoshield became visibly rounder and softer over her back, resulting in a transformed jump. These changes, both intriguing and noticeable, underscore the product’s effectiveness. Numerous horses under Rachael’s observation have shown increased calmness and settled behavior since starting supplementation. Their movements have become more fluid, and the effective use of their backs has become apparent, dissipating any previous tension felt while riding. Resolving stomach related issues allows horses’ lower backs to relax, ultimately improving their ability to engage their hindquarters for complex movements like jumping or dressage.

For those considering MonoShield Equine for their horses, feel free to contact us for more information on the product.

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