Ardeo Horses Winning around the World out Eventing

Over the past few weeks, our Ardeo horses have been achieving some incredible successes in eventing around the world. Here’s a look at their recent accomplishments:



– **Ardeo Gamira Gold** with Isabella Gogan: They kicked off their partnership with a win in the 100(J) division, scoring an impressive 25 in dressage. A promising start for this new partnership!
– **Ardeo Copperton Kryptonite** (6yo) with Isabella Gogan: Made a solid debut in the 110 division with a steady double clear and a score of 29.5.



– **Ardeo Dance Monkey** with Ella Hubert: Back to back victories at The Event at TerraNova and Bouckaert Equestrian H.T. International in the CCI1*. Their consistent performances are turning heads.
– **Ardeo on Point** with Karl Slezak: Impressed judges with a dressage score of 24.3 at Ocala Winter II, showing great promise for the future.
– **Ardeo Lord Lancelot** with Eileen Galoostian: Took top honors in the Prelim at Bouckaert Equestrian H.T. and second place at Ocala Winter II.
– **Ardeo Cruise** with Ryan Woods: Winning performance at the ON Plantation Field Horse Trials.



– **Ardeo Fun Size** (2010 Ramiro B): Double clear at Kelsall ON.

-**Ardeo Premier**(2013 Hold Up Premier): 2nd Place in the OI at Cirencester Park

Congratulations to all these talented pairs on their recent achievements! Wishing them continued success as they move forward in the season If you have an Ardeo horse and you have been out competing and we have missed it please do let us know.  We love to follow you.  Do link us on instagram and facebook and we can share your stories.

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