David O Donnell
  • ‘Absolutely fantastic service from Neil and the gang at Ardeo Sport Horses. Great professionals.’



Meg Finn
  • ‘I highly recommend Neil and Mel Wrynn of Ardeo Sport Horses. I am a professional event rider in the US. I had previously ridden with Aredo when I was in Ireland. When it came time for me to find my next up and coming event horse there is no one I trusted more. Neil looked tirelessly throughout Ireland to find me exactly what I was looking for. They sent videos, photos, and after many phone calls, I purchased a horse based solely on their recommendation. Ardeo took care of all the logistics, organized the vetting, connected me with the transport companies, and have made the whole process run smoothly. The horse I bought came to me exactly as described, perhaps even better! The clear and open communication from Neil and Mel made this experience one I would gladly do again’



Martha Steiner Bader
  • ‘I can HIGHLY recommend Ardeo Sport Horses if you are shopping for your next Irish partner. Neil was SO great- I felt very safe and well taken care of on all sides. Ardeo helped make this such a great experience for my first time to import a horse. It was SO easy!!’



Jane Reid
  • Intelligent Service with an ever present smile. Really,  horsey people out there if you are looking to buy the right horse for you (or your children) talk to Mel and Neil.



Lila Gendal
  • I highly recommend Ardeo Sport Horses! Mel and Neil are delightful people and understand the horse buying and selling business. They will take the time to match the appropriate horse with any given rider. Their knowledge, dedication and love for their business is applaudable. I would absolutely buy a horse from them any day of the week and I would encourage others to buy from them too. I’ve visited their farm twice now and was blown away by the temperaments and quality of horses I sat on