Grace Sandys

  • Being a livery at Mel and Neil’s and working with Mel has helped me enormously. Mel’s coaching helped transform my partnership with my pony and made the notoriously difficult transition from pony to horse feel smooth and natural. Mel has helped train my technical ability by teaching me to be aware of and control the influence of my weight on a horse by training my seat and coordination.
    She has revolutionised the way I approach cross country, teaching me ‘the system’ and as a result making me feel safer and allowing me to be more daring during my rounds. Mel has also spearheaded a personal change for me in her focus on training both the physical and mental sides of horses and rides. She has taught me to use my nerves to my advantage and how to always take the positives from an experience, no matter how badly the day seems to have gone on paper.
     Her teaching is easy to follow, understand and thus implement and her thorough knowledge of both my horses and myself ensures that I always come away from our lessons having added to both my skill set and my partnership with my horses.
    Having my horses stabled with Mel and Neil has further helped my development as a rider. Not only are the facilities state of the art but Mel and Neil’s constant friendliness and willingness to help makes even the toughest parts of working with horses seem easy. Mel and Neil are both constantly on call to help – whether its by lending me a piece of tack, giving valuable advice or even driving out to Tattersalls with me to help me walk a cross country course and always make me feel heard and respected even when asking seemingly stupid questions! The care they take of our horses is second to none and neither have looked better than since being at their yard!

William Micklem FBHS

  • Author of the Complete Horse Riding Manual & Inventor of the Micklem bridle. Former Coach of the Irish Junior and Young Rider European Championship TeamsA DREAM FACILITY FOR RIDING STUDENTSWhat makes a great facility for riding students? As ever it’s the coach that is the most important element and what is certain at Mount John, home of Ardeo Sport Horses, is that you have an excellent coach….and I don’t say this just because I used to coach her when she was a wild child on a rather wonderful but equally wild cob called Slipstream.Melanie Wrynn is one of the small number of coaches who has the complete skills required to make the training for all three phases of eventing complementary. This is vital in order for efficient training and to make the most of your horse’s potential….it is precisely why the top riders are winners.William Fox Pitt, Michael Jung and Tim Price, the current world number one, all ride the dressage with the jumping phases in mind, so they use a light touch that does not over dominate their horses and take away their instinct for quick thinking and self preservation across country. While in the jumping and galloping the base of calmness, connection and a quality way of going is always maintained, so that it will help rather than hinder the dressage work. They make partners not only of their horses but also of the three disciplines of Eventing.Melanie also makes partners of her students who develop confidence and independence under her care. And who wouldn’t make outstanding progress with the facilities she has at Mount John. Carefully designed to suit both novice horse and riders as well as more advanced, it allows a free flowing flexible experience all in the same contained schooling complex which includes a huge outdoor arena, a wonderful water complex, banks, ditches, grass ares and an invaluable hill! As a result the number of possible exercises can be counted in the hundreds.Rather than spend many hours in a small indoor only to find your horse explodes at the competition, this facility is ideal not only for the preparation of event horses physically but also for preparing horse and rider mentally for the changing work areas at a competition.It sets the standard for this type of facility and coaching and I have no hesitation in recommending it wholeheartedly.

David O Donnell

  • ‘Absolutely fantastic service from Neil and the gang at Ardeo Sport Horses. Great professionals.’

Jane Reid

  • Intelligent Service with an ever present smile. Really,  horsey people out there if you are looking to buy the right horse for you (or your children) talk to Mel and Neil.

Lila Gendal

  • I highly recommend Ardeo Sport Horses! Mel and Neil are delightful people and understand the horse buying and selling business. They will take the time to match the appropriate horse with any given rider. Their knowledge, dedication and love for their business is applaudable. I would absolutely buy a horse from them any day of the week and I would encourage others to buy from them too. I’ve visited their farm twice now and was blown away by the temperaments and quality of horses I sat on

Meg Finn

  • ‘I highly recommend Neil and Mel Wrynn of Ardeo Sport Horses. I am a professional event rider in the US. I had previously ridden with Ardeo when I was in Ireland. When it came time for me to find my next up and coming event horse there is no one I trusted more. Neil looked tirelessly throughout Ireland to find me exactly what I was looking for. They sent videos, photos, and after many phone calls, I purchased a horse based solely on their recommendation. Ardeo took care of all the logistics, organized the vetting, connected me with the transport companies, and have made the whole process run smoothly. The horse I bought came to me exactly as described, perhaps even better! The clear and open communication from Neil and Mel made this experience one I would gladly do again

Tamsin Sandys

  • I highly recommend Ardeo Sports Horses for both livery and coaching.  We have a horse and 2 ponies at livery with Neil and Mel Wrynn and have loved every minute being there.  Mel and Neil make you feel so welcome at the stables that you really enjoy spending all your time there.  The stables are new and beautifully built and the horses live very happily in 5* accommodation – incredibly there is no dust!
    Mel is a brilliant riding coach across all disciplines.  Her positivity and reassurance has had an incredibly positive impact on our overall enjoyment of the sport and ultimate success.  Mel has transformed my 17 year old’s riding from being a ‘slightly nervous passenger’ to a confident effective jockey with a positive mental outlook.  Essentially Mel has equipped my daughter with strong tactical awareness of how to approach different types of fences in differing conditions with improved technical knowledge correcting her seat position and balance.  This has given her the confidence to ride more positively and also to really enjoy herself.
    I was so impressed by my daughter’s riding improvement and her renewed mental outlook, that I asked Mel to host a pony club XC clinic day, teaching 6 clinics of 4 children over one day.  The children ranged in age from 9 – 18 and all had a brilliant day and we received a lot of positive feedback.  Mel’s clear, calm teaching approach instilled confidence, knowledge and clarity in how to ride XC.  The children also had fun enjoying the session riding the new XC fences

Martha Steiner Bader

  • ‘I can HIGHLY recommend Ardeo Sport Horses if you are shopping for your next Irish partner. Neil was SO great- I felt very safe and well taken care of on all sides. Ardeo helped make this such a great experience for my first time to import a horse. It was SO easy!!