Saddle Fitting Mastery: A Week at WOW Saddles HQ

Melanie, an experienced saddle fitter, recently completed an intensive saddle fitting course at WOW Saddles HQ in Kent, Canterbury. The week-long course, organized by Maggie and David Kempsall, offered invaluable insights into saddle production and fitting techniques.

During the course, Melanie had the opportunity to collaborate with fellow fitters, who had flown in for the course from Canada, America and Scotland, and test various dressage and jump saddles alongside riders like Hattie Dinnis, who rode the talented 8-year-old grey horse, Ardeo Bumble Bounce.

The practical sessions provided by WOW Saddles highlighted the innovative features of their products, including adjustability, flexible trees, and flair (air) panels. These features were shown to significantly enhance both performance and comfort for the horses.

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Melanie’s experience at WOW Saddles HQ underscores the importance of ongoing education and collaboration in the field of saddle fitting, ensuring optimal care and performance for horses and riders alike, which obviously in horse sales is key with so many horses arriving and needing a correctly fitted saddle. The wow saddle is so adjustable that it is easy to get every horse comfortable under saddle.

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