Elphick Event Ponies at Ardeo

The Ardeo Sport Horses team recently had the pleasure of hosting Megan Elphick, the talented equestrian and creator behind Elphick Event Ponies. Megan, known for her successful YouTube channel, was on the hunt to find her next equine partner, and were thrilled to assist her in her quest. With specific criteria in mind for her new horse, Megan engaged in discussions with Neil Wrynn, and it became evident that Ardeo Wilhelmina, affectionately called Wilma, could be the perfect match.

Wilma, a 6-year-old Connemara cross mare, standing at 158cm, has been meticulously produced by Melanie. Her charming personality and undeniable appeal make her easy to adore. As the Ardeo team observed Megan’s interaction with Wilma, it became clear that a special connection was forming.

During her visit, Megan showcased not only her equestrian prowess but also her professionalism in content creation. The Ardeo Sport Horses team was genuinely impressed by Megan’s ability to capture insightful moments in the day-to-day activities at the stables. A notable mention goes to Ruby Wrynn, one of the youngest members of the Ardeo team, who, captivated by the presence of a YouTube star, couldn’t resist adding her own lively performances in the hope of making it into the content.

Ardeo Wilhelmina and Megan were just a perfect match from the get go, and we’re thrilled to announce that Wilma has found her new home with Megan. The Ardeo team is immensely proud to facilitate this match, and we eagerly anticipate the exciting developments that will arise from this promising partnership. It’s not just a horse sale; it’s a story of connection, collaboration, and shared passion in the world of equestrian excellence. Stay tuned for updates as Megan and Wilma embark on this remarkable journey together.

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Photo credit – Elphickeventponies on Instagram

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