Ardeo Berlin Shines at Defender Burghley CCI5*

**Ardeo Berlin Shines at Defender Burghley CCI5**

At Ardeo Sport Horses, we take immense pride in our horses’ accomplishments, especially when they reach the pinnacle of eventing! Last weekend, Julia Norman and her horse, Ardeo Berlin, showcased their remarkable talents at the prestigious Defender Burghley CCI5* event.

Ardeo Berlin, a top-class event horse sold to Julia Norman in 2017, demonstrated why he’s considered a true star in the eventing world. With a beautiful dressage test in a testing atmosphere, Berlin set the stage for an unforgettable performance.

Berlin’s excellence truly shone in the cross country phase. He displayed remarkable bravery, unwavering precision, and impressive agility. With a blend of courage and carefulness, he effortlessly navigated the challenging course.

Ardeo Berlin’s performance at the Defender Burghley CCI5* event is a testament to his talent and the dedication of his rider, Julia Norman. We’re excited to see what lies ahead on their journey and look forward to sharing more success stories from our talented horses and their riders.

Here at Ardeo Sport Horses, we are committed to providing top-class event horses to both professional and amateur riders. We understand that finding the perfect equine partner is essential for success for professionals and amateurs alike. Ardeo Berlin’s journey at the Defender Burghley CCI5* is just one example of the caliber of horses we offer.

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