Tree Planting

Mount John is looking amazing with all the hedging and trees beginning to bud again, thanks to the work done by Trees on the Land

We had a visit from a local sponsor this weekend, Cormac Reid of RocTel, an Irish telecoms company and his family who helped us plant so final native Irish Lime and Hazel as the planting season comes to a close for the spring 2021 season.

Huge thanks go to John Connolly Fencing and his team from being so accommodating and adjusting some of our fencing to create these new shelterbelts for the horses.


Thank you to Roctel for all their help with the tree planting! Link to RocTel Blog below:

On Earth Day 2021 the 22nd of April, 

ROCTEL bring you an update on 5-Year Long 10,000 tree Commitment to Planting our forest.

We had lots of fun on the day, with help from the ROCTEL team including Melanie and Cormac, we even had help from the kids and staff at Ardeo Sport Horses lent a very helpful hand, all socially distant of course.

Trees are a vital source for the global environment and ecosystems. From providing timber for building to absorbing carbon dioxide from the air to give out oxygen, it is crucial to keep environmental sustainability a priority. Trees also promote biodiversity as a single tree can be home to hundreds of species. Another important role trees play is climate control. Trees help cool the planets by storing harmful greenhouse gases and releasing oxygen back into the air. A mature tree is able to absorb on average 48 lbs. of carbon dioxide per year.

This project will be executed over a period of five years with COVID-19 precautions and safety at the forefront. ROCTEL will work with experts to ensure the longevity of the trees and also will certify our customers to show they have mindfully procured their telecoms services and will have from 10-1000 trees attributed to their services received from ROCTEL.

We intend to be back out again later in the year, we have more sites in Wicklow and Cork identified, if you would like to join us on a tree planting day, get in touch we would love to hear from you.



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