Behind the Lens With Meg Elphick

Renowned equestrian vlogger Meg Elphick recently graced Ardeo Sport Horses with her presence, eager to showcase her positive experience with our business. Having previously purchased a horse from us, Meg returned with her partner Pete Crowther of Granite Lens Media to capture a day in the life at Ardeo.

Blessed with perfect weather, Meg embarked on her filming journey, riding five of our sales horses and immersing herself in the  atmosphere of our facility. As she explored the intricacies of our operation, Meg discovered the meticulous processes behind our horse matchmaking service.

At Ardeo, our commitment extends far beyond making a sale; it encompasses a deep-seated belief in pairing the right horse with the right human. Meg witnessed firsthand the meticulous effort we invest in sourcing, assessing, and matching horses with discerning buyers. Our rigorous criteria, especially regarding temperament and attitude (a trait essential for both rider and horse harmony), ensure that only the most suitable equine companions make it into our sales portfolio.

Meg’s return to Ardeo and her willingness to spotlight our business underscore her trust in our horse matchmaking abilities. Her genuine enthusiasm and satisfaction serve as a testament. Her endorsement speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence and the integrity of our horse matchmaking service for new customers seeking to connect with us.

For those in search of Irish sport horses for sale, amateur event horses, or all-rounders, Ardeo Sport Horses stands as a beacon of quality and reliability. Our dedication to providing exceptional horses and personalized service shines through in every interaction, earning the trust of riders and enthusiasts worldwide.

As Meg Elphick’s experience attests, Ardeo Sport Horses is more than just a business—it’s a testament to the profound connections forged between horse and rider. Join us in celebrating the magic of equestrianism and discover your perfect match at Ardeo Sport Horses.

With gratitude to Meg Elphick and Granite Lens Media for shining a spotlight on our passion and dedication. Megs Youtube Channel 

See a day in the life at Ardeo here:

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